The Turner County airport is ideally located in the heart of Turner County.
22 miles northwest of the next closet airport along I-75. The airport is
situated on 62 acres and is owned and operated by Turner County. Currently
the airport accommodates a variety of aviation related activities including
agricultural and recreational flying. Recently the Turner County Airport
moved from unclassified to basic status due to the increase in the number of
planes registered to the airport increasing. This most recent change in
classification allows the airport to become eligible for certain federal
funding previously unavailable.
Turner County actually has two Airports one privately held, and one publicly
held. Both are aviation complexes that consist of runways for the take-off
and landing of aircraft as well as aviation support structures in Turner
County, GA. Other supporting services and amenities are available at the
Turner County airfield, including parking facilities, retail and dining
services, hotels, and connections to other modes of transportation. Recent
improvements to the Turner County Airport have proven to community leaders
that the renovation has allowed competition with surrounding counties. These
continued improvements, bringing more growth to Turner County and allowing
Turner to directly compete for more industries and development.

AA Identifier:  75J     
Lat/Long:       31-41-15.4000N 083-37-58.6000W
31-41.256667N 083-37.976667W
Publicly Owned and Operated
Turner County Airport