Incentives and Advantages

You’re always #1 in Turner County

One reason Site Selection Magazine named Georgia the country’s #1 State for Business: lucrative financial incentives. Some of the best in the nation, in fact. And here in Turner County, your operation enjoys the best of the best—Georgia’s Top Tier 1 financial incentives, the highest the state offers, plus our own local incentives and support, all in a county where the costs of living and doing business are attractively low.

Create the jobs and accrue the benefits rapidly and for years to come. In Turner County, ROI is just around the corner, and we’re paving the way with a wealth of incentives and competitive advantages that you won’t find anywhere else:

From custom-tailored incentives to a custom-trained workforce, from financing to fast-track permitting, Turner County is ready with the tools, resources and commitment to help your organization succeed.

Tier 1 Job Tax Credit: Turner County offers the maximum Georgia jobs tax credit, up to $4,000 per qualified job created, per year, for up to 5 years.  If a company creates a minimum of two jobs, they can use the credit to offset up to 100% of their annual state corporate income tax liability, then exercise the “Payroll Withholding” option.  The company can also carry forward any leftover credits for up to 10 years from the time the job was created. 

Freeport Exemption: Turner County offers a 100% Freeport tax exemption on 3 classes of personal property.  Freeport is the general term used for the exemption of ad valorem tax on inventories for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and warehouse operations, as defined by Georgia law.  The three classes of personal property are (1) manufacturer’s raw materials and goods-in-process inventory; (2) manufacturer’s finished goods held by the original manufacturer; and (3) warehouse, distribution or manufacturing firms with finished goods destined to be shipped outside of Georgia.

Bond Financing: Issued through Adel Industrial Development Authority, tax-exempt and taxable revenue bonds for qualifying projects can provide low-interest financing for real estate, construction and manufacturing equipment.

Land Incentives: The price of land owned by the Turner County Development Authority is determined by the total capital investment of the project and the number of jobs to be created.

Ad valorem Tax Incentive/PILOT: As an incentive for job creation and capital investment, tax abatement, coupled with a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) program, may be available to qualifying companies. As one of the few Constitutional Authorities in the state we have more flexibility with incentives than traditional authorities.

Fast Track Permitting: A streamlined and simplified permitting process accommodates developing and expanding businesses’ need for fast, efficient action.

Build to Suit/Lease Back Arrangement: Based on capital investment and jobs created, projects may qualify for a build to suit/lease back arrangement with the Turner County  Development Authority.

Low-cost Utilities: Turner County’s competitive utility rates are enhanced by “customer choice” of providers for users requiring 900 kw loads or larger.

Infrastructure Financial Assistance: Qualifying companies may be eligible for infrastructure assistance.

Cost of Doing business

High-value incentives, low taxes: In Turner County, your operation can run lean and smart without trying to outrun the tax man thanks to a wealth of valuable financial incentives, including Georgia’s Top Tier 1 Jobs Credit of $4,000 per qualified job against corporate tax liability and payroll withholding.

And here in Georgia, there’s even more good news on the tax front:

  • Low corporate tax: A flat 6%.
  • State and local taxpayer burden below national average: The 16th lowest in the nation

Low-cost utilities: With municipally sourced (and in some cases customer choice) utilities, operational expenses are significantly lower, while productivity remains high.

Labor that yields greater competitive value: Turner County’s right-to-work, ready-to-work labor force keeps quality high, costs low.

Attractive cost of living: While Georgia’s cost of living is 91.5% of the U.S. average, Tuner County’s costs are even more inviting, at.81.7% of the national average. What’s more, fine quality, affordable housing and a host of lifestyle amenities and options mean individuals and families can live a deeply satisfying life without reaching deep in their pockets. Turner County’s superb public schools, for example, keep the ration of public versus private school attendance higher than the state average. A sprawling paradise of a state park and a municipal golf course insure recreation that is highly pleasurable without high prices. Plus, Turner County’s convenient hub location also puts some of the nation’s top vacation spots—Disney World and Atlantic and Gulf beaches, for example—within just a few hours’ drive.

In Turner County, you’ll work efficiently, live well and spend wisely.