Quality of Life

Turner County has all the charm you expect from a rural, historic community.  It only takes a few trips to a local store before the owner calls you by name.  The City of Ashburn has a population of 3,800 while the county has a population of 9,001.

Adding to its quality of life, Turner County is conveniently located on Interstate 75 and is conveniently situated 80 miles north of the Florida border and 160 miles south of Atlanta.  Turner County is just a few hours drive from beaches, mountains, and metro areas but allows you to still enjoy the small town charm and mild South Georgia weather.

Turner County Project The mission of the Turner County Project is to illuminate our local community and cultural practices one photo at a time. To give a permanent photographic presence for future historians, amateur or professional, no matter their interests. Many of the photographs for our website have been generously donated by the Turner County Project

Ashburn Turner Co. Chamber of Commerce The Chamber is a membership-based organization that focuses on enhancing the quality of life for Turner County residents through economic and community development. They are the heart of Turner County. The Chamber of Commerce is a 501c6 Non-profit that is dedicated to making a better business community in Turner County, Georgia. The Chamber meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Tuner County Board of Commissioners Their Mission is to provide the most fair and efficient services possible to the citizens of Turner County in a timely manner. The Comissioners meet twice a month, at TURNER COUNTY AGRICULTURAL CENTER 222 ROCKHOUSE ROAD, on the first and last Tuesday’s of the month.

City of Ashburn A growing community that is safe, clean and healthy. A city that provides an environment for better lifestyles, education and financial stability, with equity and morality. Ashburn, Georgia is a growing town located on Interstate 75, about 75 miles south of Macon. Ashburn is the county seat of Turner County and has full service municipal government chartered by the state in 1891. The City Council holds monthly meetings (the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm, at City Hall) to pass local ordinances, set policy, and hear reports from the staff. Council members are elected at large, and serve four year terms. Elections are to be held every other year to elect three members of the group.