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Centrally located in the hub of the Southeastern United States, Turner County is an ideal spot for Economic Development. With a strong tradition in agriculture, Turner County is moving forward to provide an economic structure that welcomes distribution, logistical and manufacturing industries. Our City and County as well as our Private Partnerships are committed to incorporating the principles of smart economic growth into our community. Contact us today to answer any questions on our properties or community. 

Like most south Georgia towns, Turner County’s economy once relied almost entirely on agriculture. Everything from McElroy Metal, producing metal sheeting, Suncrest Stone, taking concrete and making it look like natural stone, Phoenix Wood Products which manufactures wooden shipping crates, and DDD Erosion that produces silt fencing to prevent erosion at construction sites. 

Our largest employer would be Golden Peanut. The Golden Peanut facility in Ashburn is the largest producer of peanuts in the world! Golden sells the processed peanuts to Jif, Peter Pan and M&M Mars. They can store up to 20 million pounds of shelled peanuts in their cold storage at one time and they shell between 110,000 and 130,000 tons of peanuts each year.

Birdsong Peanut is an unique addition to Turner County’s industrial force. They convert peanut hulls into an organic, aggregate, glandular product. This granular product is the “filler” for chemicals, fire ant repellent and kitty litter.

Our existing and new industry base recognizes the appeal that Turner County holds. For additional information contact Economic Developer, Sam McCard at 229-567-9696.

Turner County Development Authority | 229-567-9696 | ashley@ashburnturnerchamber.com

Last updated May 2023